2020 IWCA Collaborative at CCCCs

The 2020 IWCA Collaborative at the Conference on College Composition and Communication will be held March 25, 2020 in Milwaukee, WI.

For additional information and to view the CFP, please visit this page.

2020 Summer Institute.

The 2020 IWCA Summer Institute will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2020 IWCA Conference.

The 2020 IWCA Conference will be held October 14-17 in Vancouver, BC. Please visit this page for additional information. 

Proposals must be submitted via the IWCA membership platform


Upcoming Events

IWCA Conference

2020       October 14-17   Vancouver, BC

Collaborative at CCCC

2020       March 25           Milwaukee, WI

IWCA Awards & Research Grant Recepients 

2018 Muriel Harris Outstanding Service Award

Michele Eodice, University of Oklahoma

2019 Outstanding Book/Major Work Award

Jo Mackiewicz, Writing Center Talk Over Time: A Mixed-Methods Study

Harry C. Denny, Robert Mundy, Liliana M. Naydan, Richard Sévère, and Anna Sicari (Editors), Out in the Center: Public Controversies and Private Struggles

2019 Outstanding Article Award

Melody Denny, “The Oral Writing-Revision Space: Identifying a New and Common Discourse Feature of Writing Center Consultations”

For additional information about awards and nominees, please visit this page

2019 IWCA Research Grants

Ben Rafoth Grants

Joe Franklin, “Transnational Writing Studies: Understanding Institutions and Institutional Work Through Narratives of Navigation”

Yvonne Lee, “Writing Toward Expert: The Writing Center’s Role in the Development of Graduate Writers”

Research Grant

Rebecca Day Babcock, Alicia Brazeau, Mike Haen, Jo Mackiewicz, Rebecca Hallman Martini, Christine Modey, and Randall W. Monty, “Writing Center Data Repository Project”

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