2012 Call for Proposals

Flock of OWLS Conference: A Non-Parliamentary Collaboration

Wednesday 18 July 2012

We are an association of academic writing centers whose mission is to promote student success through Writing Center Research, Informed Practice, and Ongoing Academic Discussion, focused on every aspect of writing consultation in Virtual Environments.

We reach out to Online and Face-to-Face Tutors, Teachers, Students, and Administrators, sharing what we know about virtual world tutoring and bridging the discussion between the real and virtual worlds.


  • How are writing centers using virtual environments like Second Life?
  • What works well? and what has flopped?
  • How does tutoring/consulting in a virtual environment compare to other online tutoring options?
    • email
    • Skype
    • Elluminate
    • Instant messaging
    • Course Management Systems (CMS)
  • Creating your online tutor/consultant persona
    • Where you started and how your avatar has evolved
    • What did you learn from Trial and Error
    • How your persona affects your tutoring/consulting
  • How do we should we promote our virtual world writing centers?
  • Barriers/Impediments/Solutions
    • Technological
    • Psychological
  • What is on the horizon?
    • Augmented Reality
  • Other topics

For priority consideration, please include the following information with proposal submissions no later than 31 March 2012: Click here for a DOWNLOADABLE WORD DOCUMENT version of this call.
1. A cover sheet with the title of the proposed session and name(s) and affiliation(s) of the presenter(s).
2. A description of the proposed interactive session (500 words)

Please submit proposals electronically to 2012flockofowls@gmail.com <mailto:2012flockofowls@gmail.com>

Join the our WIKI and follow the conference at http://flockofowls.pbworks.com <http://cwwtc.pbworks.com/>