Dear ECWCA Members:

We have five excellent ways for you to be involved in ECWCA.  As you wait for our newsletter to be released later this week, read through this email and follow the links to see the amazing ways you can enhance your ECWCA experience.

Below are the descriptions for each opportunity.  You will find more information for each when you follow the appropriate links.

Call for ECWCA Student Editors (2 positions)

  • Here is your chance to get professional editorial experience and enhance your resume.  Meet and work with members throughout the ECWCA region while honing your editing skills.  Deadline: February 26th.  (Selected editors will be notified via email and announced at the annual ECWCA conference.)  FOLLOW LINK HERE

Call for ECWCA Outstanding Tutor of the Year Award and the Tutor Leadership Award Nominations (1 award for each)

  • ECWCA distributes two awards each year at our annual conference.  Whether you are a tutor nominating a peer or a director nominating a tutor, the end result is the same—we all have the chance to see the great work going on in our region.  Award recipients receive recognition and a cash prize. Deadline: February 28th.  (Winners are announced at the annual ECWCA conference.)  FOLLOW LINK HERE

Call for ECWCA Board Member Nomination (1 position)

  • Here is your chance to work with a talented group of individuals on projects designed to support ECWCA.  This position is designated for graduate students and full-time writing center staff, administrators, or academics interested in writing center work.  The position is an elected position.  Elections are held during the annual ECWCA conference.  The winner is announced at the same conference.  Deadline: February 24th. FOLLOW LINK HERE

Call for 2013 ECWCA Conference Hosts

  • There is no one defining aspect of ECWCA more rewarding and more important than our annual conference.  Without the hard work of conference hosts, such an event would not be possible.  Here is your chance to ensure the important dialogues held each year continue.  Host the conference at your institution and steer the conversation through the next year.  FOLLOW LINK HERE

5 for 2012 ECWCA Annual Conference Travel Award Applications (Multiple awards)

  • Thanks to the generous donations received at last year’s annual ECWCA conference, we once again announce ECWCA Travel Awards.  With tutors in mind, these awards are designed to subsidize the costs associated with attending the annual ECWCA conference.  Deadline: March 1st.  FOLLOW LINK HERE

Dr. Trixie G. Smith
Director, The Writing Center
Michigan State University
300 Bessey Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824