The May/June issue of the Writing Lab Newsletter (WLN) is heading for your mailbox and has the following articles:

  • Tutoring Teachers – Clyde Moneyhun and Patti Hanlon-Baker
  • Director as Client: Participatory Observations in the Writing Center – Claudine Griggs
  • Empathic Tutoring in the Third Space – Nancy Effinger Wilson and Keri Fitzgerald
  • Tutor’s Column: “From the Interior Design Studio to the Writing Center: One Tutor’s Unconventional Journey to Designing a Tutorial” – Alexandra Yavarow

If you go to WLN’s home page (, Alexandra Yavarow’s Tutor’s Column essay is available to read now. When each issue comes out, each Tutor’s Column essay is available for anyone to read. This month’s column might be a conversation starter at a wrap-up staff meeting for tutors majoring in fields other than English. Like Alexandra Yavarow, they too can think about which skills and knowledge learned in courses in their major field to be transferrable to tutoring writing.

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