The IWCA is now accepting applications for scholarships of up to $500 to support participants’ attendance at the 2012 IWCA conference in San Diego, October 25-27. The application deadline is Monday, September 10 by midnight.

To obtain the application for this scholarship, e-mail .

Individuals who have been accepted for a conference presentation (poster, individual paper, workshop, or other) may apply for a scholarship, provided all qualifications for the scholarship are met.

Applications will be accepted from individuals only—no group or team applications. Applications that list more than one applicant will not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered. See below for the list of required materials.


The purpose of these scholarships is twofold: To support professionals whose travel funding is insufficient to cover the costs of travel, and to facilitate the inclusion of a range of diverse voices and perspectives at our conference.

Scholarships from $150 to $450 will be awarded to IWCA Conference participants who are contributing in significant ways to writing center pedagogy, research, and service/mentoring. The IWCA particularly encourages applicants from institutions that are typically underrepresented at IWCA conferences, including historically black, Hispanic-serving, or tribal colleges and universities; secondary schools and two-year colleges; and schools for the blind or deaf. Also encouraged to apply are professionals traveling to the conference from outside the U.S. and/or from groups that are typically underrepresented at our conferences, including LGBTQ, persons with a disability, part-time/adjunct employees, and those who self-identify with one or more of the following races/ethnicities: American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian; Black or African American; Mexican American, Puerto Rican, other Latino/a; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.

Applicants who wish to self-identify in any of the categories above may do so in Section V of the application.

Application Process

To apply, complete the application form (e-mail to obtain the form), including a letter of application, and e-mail it (MS Word or rich-text format) as an attachment to Deadline for applications is Monday, September 10 by midnight.