In honor of our 20-year anniversary, the Undergraduate Writing Center at The University of Texas at Austin will host a celebration and symposium on the future of writing centers. We invite your proposals for papers or panels that reflect creatively on the challenges writing centers face, the questions writing center professionals should be asking, and the directions we might pursue as a field.

Some topics we might productively explore include:

  • What aspects of our current practice should we pass on to the next generation of writing center practitioners? What would you like re-examine, re-define, or re-imagine?
  • How will the digital revolution continue to shape writing center pedagogy and practice?What challenges will arise as education becomes an increasingly digitized activity? How does growing up in a digitized world affect the way students experience the act of writing? What will best enable us to continue to meet their needs and expectations?
  • For the past forty years, writing centers have been engaged in legitimizing themselves as professional services. What arguments for legitimacy best serve us in the current landscape of university education? What issues deserve our attention now?

Please submit a 150-word proposal to by October 1, 2012.