The International Writing Centers Association, an NCTE affiliate, announces the selection of Michele Eodice, Kerri Jordan, and Steve Price as the new editorial team for our official publication, The Writing Center Journal.

As the co-editors, Michele, Steve, and Kerri’s vision for WCJ centers on community. They desire to maintain the scholarly integrity of the journal while also promoting a strong, inclusive community for all who are interested in writing center research and scholarship.  In addition to providing substantial feedback to authors and expanding the journal’s online presence, they intend to facilitate a variety of interactive professional development opportunities to help sustain a dynamic and inclusive research community.  In short, they would like WCJ to become the hub of a thriving, diverse, and interactive group that includes researchers and scholars representing a variety of backgrounds, including secondary schools, community colleges, four-year institutions and graduate programs.

Michele Eodice is the Associate Provost for Academic Engagement at the University of Oklahoma. The unit includes the University of Oklahoma Writing Center, Writing Across Campus, Undergraduate Research, and the Expository Writing Program. She is a past president of IWCA.

Kerri Jordan is Associate Professor of English and Writing Program Coordinator at Mississippi College. She is finishing a second term as IWCA Secretary and has previously served on the Southeastern Writing Centers Association executive board.

Steve Price is Associate Professor of English and Writing Center Director at Mississippi College. He has served as Secretary of the Southeastern Writing Centers Association executive board and was recently elected as an IWCA At-Large Representative.

Michele earned a Ph.D. in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include co-authoring, collaborative writing, adult and higher education, developing faculty writing at universities, and student engagement and learning through writing practices. Among her publications, two books are the products of important collaborations,(First Person)2 : A Study of Co-Authoring in the Academy (2001), written with Kami Day, and The Everyday Writing Center: A Community of Practice (2007), written with Anne Ellen Geller, Frankie Condon, Meg Carroll, and Elizabeth H. Boquet.

With co-researchers Anne Ellen Geller and Neal Lerner, she is conducting a study of students’ meaningful writing experiences with funding through a CCCC Research Initiative Grant. Also, she and Anne Ellen Geller are publishing a collection (spring 2013, Utah State UP) called Working with Faculty Writers.

Kerri earned a Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University, where she was a Board of Regents Fellow. Her dissertation on power and empowerment in writing center conferencing was supported by an IWCA Graduate Research Grant.

Steve also earned a Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University. He has served as a department chair, the director of a communication across the curriculum program, and as director of two writing centers.

Along with Sarah Liggett, Steve and Kerri are co-authors of “The Making of Knowledge in Writing Centers” (in The Changing of Knowledge in Composition: Contemporary Perspectives, Lance Massey and Richard C. Gephardt, eds., 2011) and of “A Taxonomy of Methodologies for Writing Center Research,” WCJ 31.2 (2012). Through their current scholarly work, they hope to revive and elevate Practitioner Inquiry as a useful and legitimate mode of inquiry for writing center studies.

Michele, Steve, and Kerri first met in 2007 during the IWCA Summer Institute in Lawrence, Kansas. Since then, they have collaborated on a variety of professional development events, including conferences, workshops for dissertation writers, and the 2010 Summer Institute. They are delighted to be working together again as the co-editorial team for The Writing Center Journal.

While the new website for The Writing Center Journal is being developed, send questions regarding the submission process to:

The Writing Center Journal editor search was chaired by Jennifer Kunka of Francis Marion University and included Lauren Fitzgerald, Neal Lerner, Deaver Traywick, Thomas Ferrel, and Christine Hamel.