We’re excited to announce that the latest issue of The Writing Center Journal (33.2), our first as editors, is in the mail!

We’re proud to feature in this issue:

— Lauren Fitzgerald’s 2012 IWCA keynote, “Undergraduate Writing Tutors as Researchers: Redrawing Boundaries”

— Isabelle Thompson & Jo Mackiewicz’s “Questioning in Writing Center Conferences”

— Sue Dinitz & Susanmarie Harrington’s “The Role of Disciplinary Expertise in Shaping Writing Tutorials”

— Stacy Nall’s “Remembering Writing Center Partnerships: Recommendations for Archival Strategies”

— Daniel Sanford’s review of Jackie Grutsch McKinney’s Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers

You’ll also find our first “From the Editors” column, which describes our vision for the journal.  And, you’ll see our brand new look!

To subscribe to The Writing Center Journal, please visit the journal’s website (http://writingcenterjournal.org).


Michele & Kerri & Steve