IWCA Update is a semesterly newsletter aiming to keep all IWCA members up-to-date on the latest happenings within our organization, at our conference meetings, and in our scholarly conversations. We hope to keep all our members consistently engaged with and informed about our writing center community. This includes highlights of recent WC scholarship, interviews with WC scholars and leaders, updates from IWCA board members, and other IWCA organization information.

At the annual IWCA conference in Denver this past October, we were pleased to relaunch IWCA Update. Conference attendees received a print copy of Issue 10.1. The next issue of IWCA Update will be available in March and will be delivered digitally via email.

As a publication with community at its heart, we hope that the Update will be populated with many voices from our IWCA membership. So, we invite members to contribute to future IWCA Update issues in following ways:

  • IWCA 2016 Conference Reflections: what were your experiences and take-aways from this past year’s annual meeting?
  • Community Issues: from your perspectives as practitioners, administrators, scholars, and researchers, what issues face the writing center community and how might we address them – through conversation and through research?
  • Local Activity, Global Significance: do recent events in your center speak to the international work of writing centers and our conversations? Share your insights with us.

If you’d like to propose a unique form of contribution, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. If you’d like to contribute in any of these ways, please contact me (