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2018 IWCA @ CCCC Collaborative

We are excited to announced that registration is now open for the 2018 IWCA Collaborative @ 4Cs!

This is an online event that will be held Monday, March 12 from 12:00 PM-8:30 PM EST.

Registration ($30) is limited, so register now!

The theme for this year’s Collaborative is “Stories from the Center: Activism, Outreach, and Research.”

The Online Collaborative’s agenda is already set (i.e., no CFP) and will be a day with featured leaders and future leaders in our field: Neisha-Anne Green, Romeo Garcia, Talisha Haltiwanger Morrison, Katie Levin, Robert Mundy, Adrian Russell, Lori Salem, Wonderful Faison, Trixie Smith, Jasmine Kar Tang, Keli Tucker, and Travis Webster.

When Missouri passed a law making it more difficult to sue for discrimination – in essence, sending the message that discrimination is legal – it prompted practitioners in composition and the writing center field to reexamine the conference location as well as ask important questions about privilege, discrimination, and justice. When the NAACP instituted a Travel Advisory to Missouri and the statement released by the Caucuses regarding the conference, IWCA members voted and decided to move the Collaborative online in order to include as many people as possible, including those who are attending the conference, those unable to attend, and those who decided not to attend.

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