Summer Institute

The International Writing Center Association’s Summer Institute began in 2003 to help meet the professional development needs of current or would-be writing center directors and assistants, writing program administrators, tutors, writing teachers (high school or college), curriculum developers, graduate students, new Ph.D.s, and academic leaders.

SI leaders offer presentations and facilitate workshops on a variety of writing center topics. Leaders also work one-on-one with participants throughout the week. Participants from around the world are encouraged to apply.

A History of the IWCA Summer Institute

2016 Fourteenth Annual SI June 5-10, 2016 in Bryan, Texas at the historic La Salle Hotel, within five miles of Texas A&M University and Blinn College, Bryan.

2015 Thirteenth Annual SI June 14-19, 2015 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center on the Michigan State University campus. (Leaders: Trixie Smith, Rusty Carpenter, Valerie Balester, Kevin Dvorak, Jill Reglin, Diana Baldwin)

2014 Twelfth Annual SI June 22-27, 2014 at the Lexington Hilton in Lexington, KY (Leaders: Rusty Carpenter, Kevin Dvorak, Shanti Bruce, Trixie Smith; Featured presenters: Vershawn Young and Jeff Rice, University of Kentucky).

2013 Eleventh Annual SI at B Ocean hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL (Leaders: Shanti Bruce, Rusty Carpenter, Brian Fallon, and Carol Severino; Co-Chairs: Kevin Dvorak and Ben Rafoth; Assistants: Cristine Busser and Kamila Albert). Program linked here.

2012 Tenth Annual SI at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania (Leaders: Brian Fallon, Nancy Grimm, Melissa Ianetta, Tammy Conard-Salvo, Jennifer Wells. Co-chairs: Ben Rafoth and Nathalie Singh-Corcoran)

2011 Ninth Annual SI at Lone Wolf, Oklahoma (Leaders: Joe Janangelo, Kerri Jordan, Steve Price, Lisya Seloni, Nathalie Singh-Corcoran. Co-chairs: Michele Eodice and Ben Rafoth)

2010 Eighth Annual SI at Lone Wolf, Oklahoma (Leaders: Roberta Kjesrud, Dawn Mendoza, Ben Rafoth, Karen Rowan, Nathalie Singh-Corcoran. Co-chairs: Michele Eodice and Lori Salem)

2009 Seventh Annual SI at Temple University (Leaders: Harry Denny, Michele Eodice, Katrin Girgensohn, Karen Keaton Jackson, Dawn Mendoza, Catherine Oriani, Carol Severino. Co-chairs: Brad Huges and Lori Salem); URL:

2008 Sixth Annual SI at University of Wisconsin-Madison  (Leaders: Sharifa Daniels, Beverly Moss, Elisabeth Piedmont-Marton, Jenny Jordan, Jill Pennington, Nancy Grimm, Neal Lerner. Co-chairs:  Brad Hughes, Lisa Ede, and Paula Gillespie). URL:

2007 Fifth Annual SI at Oregon State University (Leaders: Chloe Diepenbrock, Lauren Fitzgerald, Dodie Forrest, Cynthia Gannett, Patricia Melei, Leigh Ryan. Co-chairs: Lisa Ede and Clyde Moneyhun)

2006 Fourth Annual SI at Stanford University (Leaders: Al DiCiccio, Lisa Ede, Jenny Jordan, Lisa Lebduska, Scott Miller, Janet Swenson, Sherri Winans. Co-chairs: Michele Eodice and Clyde Moneyhun)

2005 Third Annual SI at the University of Kansas (Leaders: Elizabeth Boquet, Frankie Condon, Harry Denny, Clint Gardner, Michael Pemberton, Ben Rafoth,  Carol Severino, Jeanne Simpson. Co-chairs: Anne Ellen Geller and Michele Eodice)

2004 Second Annual SI at Clark University (Leaders: Michele Eodice, Dawn Fels, Carol Haviland, Harvey Kail, Jill Pennington, Howard Tinburg. Co-chairs: Paula Gillespie, Anne Geller, and Neal Lerner)

2003 Inaugural SI at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Leaders: Pam Childers, James Inman, Muriel Harris, Neal Lerner, Jon Olson, Jill Pennington. Co-chairs: Paula Gillespie and Brad Hughes)