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2016 Conference in Denver

The 2016 IWCA Conference was held in Denver, Colorado on Thursday, October 13-Sunday, October 16 at the Denver Mariott City Center.

In 1983, the forerunner to the IWCA, the National Writing Centers Association, held its first meeting in Denver, Colorado. At the time, before email and the web, and just at the inception of the personal computer, writing centers were something of a new frontier in academic work, full of possibilities and challenges. Last fall the IWCA met again in Denver at the Marriott City Center. Although the field has achieved significant growth and development since 1983, our work is not done. Focusing on writing center frontiers, our conference last year was inspired by the following questions: In what ways can we be better stewards to the people and resources within our domains? What new frontiers have we yet to explore? How can writing centers boldly go where they’ve never gone before?

Past IWCA and IWCA-NCPTW Conferences

2016 in Denver, October 14-16. Theme: Writing Center Frontiers. Download the conference program here.

2015 in Pittsburgh, October 8-10. Theme: Writing Center (r)Evolutions. Download program here (Part 1) (Part 2).

2014 in Orlando, October 30-November 1. Theme: “The Wonderful World of Writing Centers.” Download program here .

2012 in San Diego, October 25-27. Theme: “Like Lines Drawn in the Sand: How Writing Centers Draw and Redraw Boundaries.” Download program here.

2010 in Baltimore, IWCA/NCPTW Joined Conference, October 29-November 2. Theme: “Safe Harbors or Open Seas? Navigating Currents in Writing Center Work.” Download program here.

2008 in Las Vegas, IWCA/NCPTW Joint Conference, October 29-November 1. Theme: “Alternate Routes: New Directions in Writing Center Work.” Download program here.

2007 in Houston, April 12-14. Theme: “Space: for Writing: Writing Centers and Place.” Download program here.

2005 in Minneapolis, IWCA/NCPTW Joint Conference, October 20-22. Conference theme: “Navigating the Boundary Waters: The Politics of Identity, Location and Stewardship.” Program (file size requires the program to be split into two parts): Part 1; Part 2.

2003 in Hershey, PA, IWCA/NCPTW Joint Conference, October 23-25. Program not yet available.

2002 (Spring) in Savannah, GA, April 11-13. Theme: “The Art of the Writing Center.” Program not yet available.

2000 (Fall) in Baltimore. Program not yet available.

NWCA Conferences

1999 NWCA Conference in Bloomington, IN, April 15-17. Theme: “Writing Center 2000: Meeting the Challenges of the New Century.” Program not yet available.

1997 (Fall) NWCA Conference in Park City, UT. Program not yet available.

1995 (Fall) NWCA Conference in St. Louis. Program not yet available.

1994 (Spring) NWCA Conference in New Orleans. Program not yet available.

2016 Denver, Shareen, Paula, and John

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