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The Writing Center Journal

WCJ has been the primary research journal of the writing center community for over 30 years.  The journal is published twice annually.

A message from the current editors, Michele Eodice, Kerri Jordan, and Steve Price:

We are committed to publishing strong empirical research and theoretical scholarship relevant to writing centers. In addition, we seek to build a stronger research community for writing centers. To that end, we are committed to three key practices. We will:

1)     Provide meaningful feedback on all manuscripts, including those we choose to reject.

2)    Make ourselves available and accessible through retreats, workshops, and other engagements at regional and international writing center conferences.

3)    Coordinate online professional development events related to The Writing Center Journal and our research community.

For more information on our professional development events and how to submit an article for WCJ, go to

WCJ can be added to your IWCA membership package.

WCJ is available full text from JSTOR from 1980 (1.1) through 2015 (34.2).

Other databases and indexes that provide some full-text access to Writing Center Journal:

  • CompPile:
  • The MLA International Bibliography (issues back to 1997), which can be accessed through CSA Illumina (from ProQuest), Ebsco, FirstSearch (OCLC), InfoTrac (Cengage Learning/Gale), Literature Online (Proquest), Literature Resource Center (Cengage Learning/Gale), Academic OneFile (Cengage), and Expanded Academic ASAP
  • Writing Center Journal archive at WCRP:
  • Education Research Complete ( The Writing Center Journal only, 2006-present)

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