With a heavy heart, I write to announce that the officers of IWCA have decided to cancel the Collaborative at CCCCs scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, at Marquette University. Since I emailed you yesterday, several people have cancelled, some schools have halted all travel, and COVID-19 cases have been reported in Wisconsin.  

Although some of you have proposed moving the sessions online, this is not a realistic option considering the late date and the nature of the presentations. If you had a proposal accepted for the conference, you can download a Certificate of Acceptance from the membership portal under the Submission History tab. In the coming weeks, the Board will discuss options for your unpresented sessions. You might consider submitting them for our 2020 annual conference in Vancouver or we might use the same theme for next year’s Collaborative, which would allow you to present them then. No decisions, however, have been made as of yet.

Please know that the IWCA treasurer will be processing full registration refunds. You do not need to contact us to facilitate the process. If you requested and received a partial refund, we will be refunding the $25 fee that we withheld as well.  I ask that you give our treasurer and associate treasurer time, perhaps as long as a week, because they have 90 people’s registration refunds to process via a somewhat complicated system. 

Since we will not be meeting, all travel awards have been cancelled. If you were awarded a travel grant and face expenses that cannot be recouped, please reach out to me and I will discuss your situation with the Board.

On behalf of the Officers of IWCA, I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sherry Wynn PerdueVice President, IWCA