July 14th, 2020

The International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) invites applications for editorial leadership of The Writing Center Journal (WCJ). Candidates will be screened according
to the following criteria:

Deep understanding of writing center scholarship and of rhetoric and composition studies;

Ability to marshal institutional support to sponsor WCJ and its editors (e.g., course off-loads, cost offsets, administrative support, etc.);

Record of scholarly publications within the field of writing center studies;

Editorial experience with peer-reviewed journals, which may include managing the financial and logistical aspects of journal production, serving as manuscript reviewers, and/or involvement in the production of an academic journal; and

Ability to serve for a three (3) year term. (Note: While the editorial team must commit to a 3 year term, they are encouraged to include on their team temporary assistant editors or interns, particularly writing center professionals from underrepresented institutions and/or graduate students.)

To apply, candidates should present the Selection Committee with:

A written statement laying out the candidate’s or team’s editorial vision for the WCJ.
Note: We recommend editor applicants apply in teams and describe how each editor will contribute;

A letter from an appropriate representative of each candidate’s home institution, which outlines the kinds of support that will be provided to sponsor WCJ;

Current CV;

and Sample of published writing.

Applications should be emailed to Georganne Nordstrom, Search Committee Chair, at georgann@hawaii.edu no later than September 30, 2020.

Evaluation will be based upon the above application materials as well as a response to a sample manuscript, which the committee will provide after the application has been received.

We anticipate the following timeline for the transition between editorial teams: The Search Committee will notify applicants of our selection of new editors by November 15, 2020. The new editors will begin shadowing the current team in late November and take over in January, getting started on their first issue while the current editors conclude their final issue.

Questions regarding the search can be directed to Search Committee Chair, Georganne Nordstrom at georgann@hawaii.edu, or IWCA President, John Nordlof jnordlof@eastern.edu.

Thank you,
The WCJ Search Committee
Georganne Nordstrom, Justin Bain, Kerri Jordan, Leah Schell-Barber, & Lingshan Song