Is assessment outside your normal wheelhouse? Does it seem like far too much work? Do you wonder why some programs seek accreditation for their peer tutors? If any of these is familiar, we encourage you to tune in Monday, September 14 when Jennifer Daniel, Marilee Brooks-Gillies, ​and Shareen Grogan​ provide detailed examples of what they do in their writing centers. Mark your calendar for your time zone and join us!

11 AM Pacific
12 PM Mountain
1 PM Central

2 PM Eastern

All IWCA members are welcome to join, so please feel free to invite your friends. This is a come and go session; if you can only attend part of the webinar, you are still welcome to join us. The webinar will take place by Zoom. Please contact Molly Rentscher, IWCA Mentor Match Program Co-Coordinator, for the Zoom link: