IWCA is currently seeking nominations for the following Executive Officers:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

IWCA also invites nominations and self-nominations for the following Board members:

  • At-Large Representative (3 total)
  • 2-Year College Representative
  • Peer Tutor Representative (2 total)

Nominations and self-nominations should be submitted here by June 1, 2023.


All nominees must be IWCA members in good standing. Self-nominations for any of the above positions are encouraged.

If you cannot access the Google Doc to submit a nomination, please send the following information to IWCA Secretary Beth Towle

  • The name of the nominee
  • The email address for the nominee
  • The name of the position you are nominating the individual for.
  • You can also include any comments that you think are appropriate.

Nominations are open until June 1, 2023. After the window for nominations closes, IWCA will reach out to each nominee to request a short personal statement about your experience and goals. Elections will be open from September 1 through September 15. Newly-elected board members and officers will be notified by October 1, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about serving as an IWCA Board member or officer?

The IWCA Constitution and Bylaws outline the responsibilities of Board members and officers. Potential nominees can also contact any of the current officers with questions. IWCA officers will be available for a town hall Zoom meeting in late May to answer any questions, as well. Email IWCA Vice President Christopher Ervin ( if you would like to receive information about the town hall meeting.

Why is IWCA accepting nominations for a Vice President when a Vice President was elected in October 2022?

The IWCA Vice President elected in 2020 was unable to advance to role of President in 2022 due to significant commitments in their department. The IWCA Bylaws provide options for filling the role of President in the event that the President cannot complete their term. One of those options is for the sitting Vice President to complete the absent president’s term before beginning their own term as President, and a special election for a new Vice President will be held. This year, the Vice President will rotate into the role of President in October 2023, and a new Vice President will be elected and will begin their role at the IWCA Conference.

I read that officers (Vice President, President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past Treasurer) are expected to attend the IWCA Conference and Collaborative @ CCCC each year of their term. Does IWCA provide any financial support for officers to travel to those conferences?

Yes. While all Board members’ roles are voluntary and unpaid, IWCA Officers are expected to attend both of those events in order to participate in Executive Committee and Board retreats, be present to conduct IWCA business meetings, and help coordinate the events, in addition to other obligations. For those reasons, IWCA officers are supported financially to attend the IWCA annual conference and the Collaborative @ CCCC. IWCA provides support up to $1500 per event for reasonable expenses related to IWCA conference travel. When an IWCA officer needs to attend other IWCA-related events (the Summer Institute, NCPTW, or a U.S. or international affiliate conference), financial support is available, as well.