IWCA 2019 Collaborative @CCCC, March 13, Pittsburgh, PA


Event Details

Date: March 13, 2019

Location: Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Proposal Submission Deadline: 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) Jan. 10, 2019


The 2019 IWCA Collaborative will be held in Pittsburgh—the “steel city” and the “city of bridges”—in an effort to build bridges, which are so desperately needed in our field and in our society, we invite proposals that conceive of writing center work and pedagogy as “bridge building.” Some possible presentation topics include the following:

  • Creating sustainable partnerships across campus
  • Creating sustainable partnerships in the community
  • Collaboration in writing centers—how does it occur? How is it nurtured?
  • Cross-institutional research collaborations i.e. that bridge writing centers
  • Civic and political action—the writing center as a bridge to political engagement and advocacy
  • Writing centers as bridges to community and self-care
  • Writing centers bridging disciplinary knowledge (WC as WAC/WID)
  • Writing centers bridging methodological traditions
  • Writing centers as advocates, such as for anti-racist and anti-fascist practices

Though this is a small set of prompts, we invite any proposals that understand writing centers as bridge builders. Proposals should be sent to the IWCA Member Portal (

We encourage moving away from traditional presentations to create a more dynamic experience. Please consider proposing interactive and engaging workshop-style formats, such as a:

  • Roundtable: a group of colleagues who have an informal and often narrative discussion (informed by current research) on a topic of their choosing. Some possible topics for a roundtable include inviting stakeholders from different areas of a college or university to present on collaboration, such as a library-WC partnership roundtable.
  • Workshop: this format is interactive and engaging; it teaches the attendees about particular approaches to the praxis of WC work. Some possible topics for a workshop include providing training models with interactive activities on bridge building within the WC, such as in anti-racist tutoring practices or on how to set-up and run a cross-institutional research/assessment project.
  • Collaborative Writing: this format could focus on creating collaborative documents like a IWCA position paper, CFP, proposal, etc.
  • Fishbowl conversation: a unique format, similar to a roundtable discussion, that encourages audience participation.
  •  Works-in-Progress: often a way for scholars working on a new project to share preliminary findings, or even simply the experimental design and method of data collection/analysis. This is useful for researchers to receive early feedback prior to submitting their work to a journal for publication.
  • Custom (to be proposed by presenters)


  • Proposals due January 10, 2019. Submit through
  •  Proposal acceptance notification mid-January, 2019
  •  IWCA Collaborative March 13, 2019

Questions? Contact Drs. Joseph Cheatle and Genie Giaimo, IWCA Collaborative Co-Chairs, at