Annual Conference

The Citizen Center
Proposals due April 6, 2018
Conference: October 10-13, 2018

Nearly 20 years ago, Nancy Grimm (1999) challenged writing center professionals “to hold ourselves responsible for changing the cultural practices, the institutional conditions, the unconscious habits that contribute to structural oppression” (Good Intentions, 108). Writing center scholars (such as Geller, et al., 2007; Greenfield & Rowan, 2011; Denny, 2010; Ozias & Godbee, 2011; Blazer, 2015) have taken up Grimm’s call to challenge the power structures and cultural forces shaping writing center work. Yet, writing centers remain sites marked by race, power, oppression, and privilege (Garcia, 2017). While writing center professionals continue to ask how we can diversify our staffs, serve minoritized students, and create safe(r) or brave spaces, we don’t always reflect on the structural oppression built into our writing centers. We need more diversity in the bodies, voices, languages, and books within our writing centers and writing center research. Read the full CFP here.

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