IWCA Affiliates are groups that have established a formal relationship with IWCA; most are regional writing center associations serving particular geographic locations. Groups interested in becoming an affiliate of IWCA can see the procedures below and consult the IWCA President.

Current IWCA Affiliates

Africa/Middle East

Middle East/North Africa Writing Centers Alliance


Canadian Writing Centres Association / association Canadienne des centres de rédaction


European Writing Center Association

Latin America

La Red Latino Americana de Centros y Programas de Escritura

United States

East Central

Colorado and Wyoming Writing Tutors Conference




Pacific Northwest

Rocky Mountain

South Central


Northern California

Southern California



GSOLE: Global Society of Online Literacy Educators

Online Writing Centers Association

SSWCA: Secondary Schools Writing Center Association

Becoming an IWCA Affiliate (from the IWCA Bylaws)

The function of affiliate Writing Center organizations is to provide local writing center professionals, particularly tutors, opportunities to meet and exchange ideas, to present papers, and to take part in professional conferences in their regions so that travel expenses are not prohibitive.

To accomplish these goals well, affiliates should, at minimum, enact the following criteria within the first year of their IWCA affiliation:

  • Hold regular conferences.
  • Issue calls for conference proposals and announce conference dates in the IWCA publications.
  • Elect officers, including a representative to the IWCA board. This officer will at minimum be active on the board’s listserv and ideally will attend board meetings as feasible.
  • Write a constitution that they submit to the IWCA.
  • Provide IWCA with affiliate organization reports when asked, including membership lists, contact information for board members, dates of conferences, featured speakers or sessions, other activities.
  • Maintain an active membership list.
  • Communicate with members through an active distribution list, website, listserv, or newsletter (or a combination of these means, evolving as technology allows).
  • Establish a plan of co-inquiry, mentoring, networking, or connecting that invites new writing center directors and professionals into the community and helps them find answers to questions in their work.

In return, affiliates will receive encouragement and assistance from IWCA, including annual payment to defray the costs of conference keynote speakers (currently $250) and contact information for potential members who live in that region and belong to the IWCA.

If an affiliate is unable to meet the minimal requirements listed above, the IWCA president shall investigate the circumstances and make a recommendation to the board. The board may decertify the affiliate organization by a two-thirds majority vote.