IWCA Position Statements articulate positions vetted by the IWCA board and ratified by its membership. The current procedures for creating a position statement can be found in the IWCA Bylaws:

Position Statements

a. Function of Position Statements: IWCA position statements affirm the diverse values of the organization and provide direction on current issues relevant to the complex world of writing centers work and writing center studies.

b. Process Purpose: The IWCA position statement provides a consistent and transparent process and to ensure that position statements remain dynamic, current, and functional.

c. Who Can Propose: Proposals for position statements can come from a board-approved committee or from IWCA members. Ideally, position statements will include consensus-building or collaborative approach. For example, position statements might include signatures from multiple individuals representing the diversity of the organization by identity or region.

d. Guidelines for Position Statements: A position statement will:

1. Identify audience and purpose

2. Include a rationale

3. Be clear, developed, and informed

e. Submission Process: Proposed position statements are presented via email to the Constitutions and Bylaws Committee. Multiple drafts may be required before a statement is presented to the IWCA Board for review.

f. Approval Process: Position statements will be presented to the Board by the Constitutions and Bylaws Committee and approved by a majority of voting board members. With the endorsement of the Board, the position statement will then be presented to the membership for ratification by 2/3 majority of votes cast.

g: Continued Review and Revision Process: To insure that position statements are current and represent best practices, position statements will be reviewed at least every odd year, updated, revised, or archived, as deemed appropriate by the board. Archived statements will remain available on the IWCA website. Reviewing the statements will include the perspectives of stakeholders and members directly relevant the statements.

h: Posting Process: Once approved by the board, position statements will be posted on the IWCA website. They may also be published in IWCA journals.

Current IWCA Position Statements and Related Documents