Members of the Writing Center community are invited to nominate books/major works about writing center theory, practice, research, and history for the IWCA Outstanding Book Award.

The IWCA Outstanding Book Award is presented at the annual IWCA Conference. Both single-authored and collaboratively-authored books, by scholars at any stage of their academic careers, published in print or in digital form, are eligible for the award. Self-nominations are not accepted. All submissions will be evaluated by the same criteria.

The book or major work should

  • Make a significant contribution to the scholarship and research on writing centers.
  • Address one or more issues of long-term interest to writing center administrators, theorists, and practitioners.
  • Discuss theories, practices, or policies that contribute to a richer understanding of writing center work.
  • Show sensitivity toward the situated contexts in which writing centers exist and operate.
  • Illustrate the qualities of compelling and meaningful writing.
  • Serve as a strong representative of the scholarship of and research on writing centers.
  • Be published in the year prior to the award year (e.g. for the 2019 award, the book must have a copyright date of 2018).

2020 Nomination Process: Nominations should include a letter or statement of no more than 400 words outlining how the work being nominated meets the award criteria above. Send nominations to Book Award Chair, Steve Price ( Nominations will be accepted through May 30, 2020.



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