The IWCA Board oversees the operations of the organization. Board members are elected for the terms and by the process outlined in the IWCA Bylaws.

Executive Officers

President: Sherry Wynn Perdue, Oakland University (2020-2022, 2022-2024),

Vice President: Chris Ervin, Oregon State University (2022-2024),

Secretary: Rachel Azima, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2023-2025),

Treasurer: Glenn Hutchison, Jr., Florida State University (2023-2025),

Past Treasurer: Holly Ryan, Penn State University-Berks (2023-2025),

At-large Representatives

Chessie Alberti, Oregon State University (2022-2024)

Shelia Batacharya, University of Toronto-Mississauga (2023-2025)

Tatiana Caceras Dominguez, Universidad de los Andes (2023-2025)

Luke Morgan, Metro State University (2023-2025)

Kem Roper, Athens State University (2022-2024)

Tingjia Wang, Hiroshima University (2023-2025)

Erin Zimmerman, University of Las Vegas (2021-2023, 2023-2025)

Constituency Representatives

Graduate Student Rep: Leah Bowshier, University of Arizona (2022-2024)

Peer Tutor Rep: Isabelle Lundin, Northeastern University (2023-2024)

Peer Tutor Rep: Marcela Santos Carvajal, Universidad de los Andes (2023-2024)

Two-Year College Rep: Cindy Johanek, North Hennepin Community College (2021-2023, 2023-2025)

Affiliate Representatives

Justin Bain, Colorado-Wyoming WCA

Marci Prescott-Brown, CWCA/ACCR  (Canadian Writing Centres Association / association canadienne des centres de rédaction) 

Harry Denny, East Central WCA

Andrea Scott, European Writing Centers Association

Janine Morris, Global Society of Online Literacy Educators

Violeta Molina-Natera, Latin American WCA  (La Red Latinoamericana de Centros y Programas de Escritura)

Stacey Hoffer, Mid-Atlantic WCA

Hala Daouk, Middle-East-North Africa Writing Center Alliance

Luke Morgan, Midwest WCA

Cyndi Roll, Northeast WCA

Tammie Lovvorn, Northern California WCA

Brian Harrell,  Online Writing Centers Association 

Erik Echols, Pacific Northwest WCA

Maureen McBride, Rocky Mountain WCA

Kristin Messuri, South Central WCA

Brian McTague, Southeastern WCA

Kat Bell, Southern California WCA

Heather Barton, Secondary Schools Writing Centers Association