Annual Conference

IWCA 2021 via Whova! online. Theme: Together Again Apart. Conference Chair: Georganne Nordstrom. [2021 Conference Program]

IWCA 2020 featured a brief opportunity to come together during COVID. Theme: Listen. Learn. Lead. [2020 Program]

IWCA/NCPTW 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. Theme: The Art of It All. Conference Chairs: Mike Mattison and Laura Benton. [2019 Conference Program]

IWCA 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Theme: The Citizen Center.  Conference Chair: Nikki Caswell. [2018 Conference Program]

IWCA 2017 in Chicago, November 10-13. Theme: Tutor, Writer, Director, Spy. Conference Chairs: Andrew Jeter and Lauri Dietz. [2017 Conference Program]

IWCA 2016 in Denver, October 14-16. Theme: Writing Center Frontiers. Conference Chair: John Nordlof. [2016 Conference Program]

IWCA 2015 in Pittsburgh. Theme: Writing Center (r)Evolutions. Conference Chair: Rusty Carpenter. [2015 Conference Program]

IWCA/NCPTW 2014 in Orlando. Theme: The Wonderful World of Writing Centers. Conference Chairs: Melissa Ianetta and Brian Fallon. [2014 Conference Program]

IWCA 2012 in San Diego. Theme: Like Lines Drawn in the Sand: How Writing Centers Draw and Redraw Boundaries. Conference Chair: Shareen Grogan. [2012 Conference Program]

IWCA/NCPTW 2010 in Baltimore. Theme: Safe Harbors or Open Seas? Navigating Currents in Writing Center Work. [2010 Conference Program]

IWCA/NCPTW 2008 in Las Vegas. Theme: Alternate Routes: New Directions in Writing Center Work. [2008 Conference Program]

IWCA 2007 in Houston. Theme: Space: for Writing: Writing Centers and Place. [2007 Conference Program]

IWCA 2005 in Minneapolis. Theme: Navigating the Boundary Waters: The Politics of Identity, Location and Stewardship. [2005 Conference Program

IWCA/NCPTW 2003 in Hershey, PA. Theme: Writing Back. Conference Chair: Ben Rafoth.

IWCA 2002  in Savannah, GA. Theme: The Art of the Writing Center. This conferences was co-sponsored by the SWCA and Savannah College of Art and Design.

IWCA 2000  in Baltimore.

NWCA Conferences

[The National Writing Center Association became the International Writing Center Association in 2000.]

1999 NWCA Conference in Bloomington, IN. Theme: “Writing Center 2000: Meeting the Challenges of the New Century.”

1997 (Fall) NWCA Conference in Park City, UT.

1995 (Fall) NWCA Conference in St. Louis.

1994 (Spring) NWCA Conference in New Orleans.

Collaborative @CCCCs

2021 Online. Event Chairs: Genie Giaimo and Yanar Hashlamon. [2021 Collaborative Program]

2020 in Milwaukee, WI. [Cancelled due to COVID-19.] 

2019 in Pittsburg, PA. Event Chairs: Joseph Cheatle and Genie Giaimo. [2019 Collaborative Program]

2018 Online Collaborative. Event Chairs: Lauri Dietz and Joseph Cheatle.

2017 in Portland, OR. Event Chairs: Jennifer Follett.“The Change Lab.” [2017 Collaborative Program]

Summer Institute

2021 Online via Teams. Event Chairs: Kelsey Hixson-Bowles and Joseph Cheatle.

2020 in Santa Fe, NM. Event Chairs: Kelsey Hixson-Bowles and Joseph Cheatle. Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19.

2019 in Baltimore, MD: Event Chairs: Julia Bleakney and Kelsey Hixson-Bowles

2018 in Indianapolis, IN. Event Chairs: Julia Bleakney and Stacia Watkins.

2017 in Vancouver, BC. Event Chairs: Stacia Watkins and Chris LeCluyse.