IWC WEEK 2023: February 13-17

This year, we have scheduled International Writing Centers Week to overlap with the CCCCs Convention. See IWC Week 2023 for each day’s events.


International Writing Centers Week is an opportunity for people who work in writing centers to celebrate writing and to spread awareness about the important roles that writing centers play in schools, on college campuses, and within the greater community.


The International Writing Centers Association, in response to a call from its membership, created “International Writing Centers Week” in 2006. The membership committee included Pam Childers, Michele Eodice, Clint Gardner (Chair), Gayla Keesee, Mary Arnold Schwartz, and Katherine Theriault. The week is scheduled each year around Valentine’s Day. IWCA hopes that this annual event will be celebrated in writing centers around the world.

To see what we’ve done to celebrate in the recent past and to take a look at the interactive map of writing center across the globe, see IWC Week 2022 and  IWC Week 2021.