Awards and Grants. Recognizes outstanding service/scholarship; awards grants and scholarships. Chair: Katrina Bell, At-Large Rep

Conferences and Institutes. Recruits and selects chairs for the Conference, the Collaborative, and the Summer Institute. Reviews MOUs with conference venues, conference sites, dates, and themes. As much as is possible, the committee will seek to establish staggered co-chair positions for all IWCA events. Chair: Georganne Nordstrom, Vice President

Constitution. Updates constitution and bylaws and tracks policies and procedures for organizational continuity. Chair: Jackie McKinney, Past President

Finance. Presents annual report of expenditures to the Board. Present annual budget to Board for approval. Approves expenditures, implements spending priorities; tracks revenues to insure sustainability, prepares reports, ensures compliance with IRS regulations. Chair: Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Treasurer

Nominations Committee. Nominates or solicits nominations for awards and elected positions. Chair: Chris Ervin, Affiliate Rep, Pacific Northwest WCA

Outreach and Membership. Promotes professional interests and development of special constituencies and membership interests. Chair: Holly Ryan, Secretary

Publications Committee. Liaises with and advises the editorial team of The Writing Center Journal (WCJ) and The Peer Review (TPR). Convenes a committee for editor replacements. Chair: Lingshan Song, At-Large Rep